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Tired of roof leaks?  Tired of a rusty metal roof?  Interior gutter problems?  
What type coating do I need on my roof?

Contact us today and let us show you how to eliminate these problems.
Why Roof Renewal?  Why the LEXIS COATINGS® System?
South Ga. Coatings has been saving businesses thousands of dollars by restoring their
metal roofs with LEXIS COATINGS® Products.  LEXIS COATINGS Products are designed
with built-in protection in mind, and contain no water.  They are solvent-based rubber, which
differ from water-based products that have large pores that allow moisture and oxygen to
infiltrate the coating which allows rust to develop.  They are the strongest product available
on the market, with the most elasticity.  Their systematic approach to metal roof restoration
sets the highest standard in roof care, and addresses all parts of your roof, not just cosmetic

LEXIS COATINGS is an Energy Star Partner, your assurance of maximum energy savings,
a cooler roof, and a cooler building for a more comfortable work environment.  Their products are
used in over 20 countries around the world in all climates.  Your new roofing surface will
move with your roof, and will accommodate all normal thermal movement and reduce future
maintenance needs due to less thermal shock.

South Ga. Coatings has earned LEXIS COATINGS Elite Independent Contractor Status, the
highest rating by the manufacturer.  I hope you take a few minutes to check us out.  You have
choices, both with the selection of your contractor and the product that is used.
South Ga. Coatings can and will provide you with information on the different type coatings that may be suitable for
your particular project. 

South Ga. Coatings can also restore some flat roofs using LEXIS COATINGS Products.  Unlike metal roofs, flat roofs hold water, which can cause serious leaking problems and saturate the layers of roofing felt or insulation.  South Ga. Coatings provides a free roof analysis, which will pinpoint areas that are a concern. Those areas can be replaced and restored without disturbing rest of the roof where moisture has not caused damage.  Should your roof not be a candidate for the LEXIS COATINGS system? South Ga. Coatings may still have an option that will suit your particular need, as we are a certified contractor for three of the oldest coatings manufacturers in the country.

Interior gutters are a nightmare when they start to leak!  Yes, we can we stop leaks in gutters, and do it every day.  Give us a call and I will send pictures of the worst gutter leaks you’ve ever seen, along with testimonials from satisfied customers whose leaks we’ve stopped. 
You can trust South Ga. Coatings to tell you if your roof can be restored
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Lexis Coatings is Energy Star Certified
South Georgia Coatings
841 Pat Dixon Rd
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Why Replace 100% of Your Roof ... When Only 10% Is The Problem?
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